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F-105 In Korat

F-105 In Korat Print in 8 1/2" x 11" or 11" x 14". Each print is personally signed by the artist, Steve Daniels.


Built in the 1950s to deliver a nuclear weapon at supersonic speeds, the F-105 was the largest single-seat, single-engine fighter ever built.  Later versions of the plane carried two flyers—a pilot and an electronic warfare officer.

Though designed for conflict with the Soviets, the F-105 proved its worth in the fighter-bomber role over Vietnam a decade later.  F-105 pilots dropped thousands of tons of bombs and are officially credited with shooting down 27.5 MiG fighters.  While effective in combat, nearly half of the 833 F-105s built were lost during actions in the dangerous skies over Southeast Asia.

F-105 In Korat

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