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Guardians Of The Well Book - A group of divers find more than they bargained for when they stumble onto an underwater Indian

Guardians Of The Well Book - A group of divers find more than they bargained for when they stumble onto an underwater Indian burial ground. They find an Indian skull, 6,000 years old with brain tissue still in the skull. The spirit world, drug smuggling and murders give them an experience they will never forget.


In the late 70's I was invited to an underwater archaeology site to do illustrations for publications. In the back you will see the cover of "SCIENCE MAGAZINE" where I painted a cross section of the site. I was able to dive to the ledge, 100 feet below the surface and actually see where many incredible artifacts were found. One was a skull, dated around 6,000 years with the preserved brain tissue still inside. When diving, we had an eerie feeling of being watched. Every time I visited this site, something strange would happen....I took notes. My novel, "Guardians of the Well" is based on this true story about a very unusual place.It will keep you on the edge of your seat.


"Guardians of the a book that you don't want to put down.
It captures and captivates, it thrills and it chills.... From the first dive, you are constantly looking over your shoulder. The Sink Hole is literally past, present and future and yet it's other worldly. If you don't believe in Guardians, Spirits that guard and protect, then I challenge you to read this book. Based on a true story, that will have you looking up its history and realize it is all too close to home. Author Illustrator Steve Daniels wrote an excellent account of this true story in which he was an active participant. Get this book and DIVE a part of the journey".



"Absolutely loved this book. It's an easy read. Theres always something happening. I'm really glad I found this author. Can't wait to see what he does next" 

Jolene Davis


"I felt the author captured what it's like to be underwater with such a consistant flair for realism. The book is an easy read and is very enjoyable, If you're looking for a good read, get this book and enjoy yourself". E. Murphy


"Just finished this fine story and enjoyed the read very much! I found the story very believable and the twists were well thought out and presented at unexpected times as I read.This is a great book for younger readers as the lessons are true across the board in life. Not going to give anything away but there are numerous levels of suspense and danger.Highly recommend this novel!"

Doran W Ingrham


"The author invites the reader to take an exciting vicarious adventure with him. It is intriguing how he weaves the supernatural with the natural into a plot that leaves one guessing about which version of reality is true. I hope that some movie studio will pick up on this book so that we can see this adventure played out on the big screen".



Guardians Of The Well Book

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